Hand and Upper Extremity


Hand and Upper Extremity

The Hand and Upper Extremity Service provides the resident with an in-depth exposure to the wide variety of the musculoskeletal pathology encountered in the upper extremity. The resident is involved in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of conditions ranging from the fingertip to the shoulder. The resident will gain experience with microvascular surgical techniques and will learn the intricate balance between hand and upper extremity anatomy and function. The majority of the ambulatory surgery is performed at SOC.

The goal of Hand & Upper Extremity service is to provide quality and highly individualized care to each patient to maximize functional recovery and improve the quality of everyday activity.

Services Provided Include:

    • Upper Extremity Evaluation with Biomechanical and Sensory Testing
    • Therapeutic Exercise Programs
    • Custom Fabrication of Splints and Orthotics
    • Wound Care
    • Pain Management
    • Scar Management
    • Manual Edema Mobilization and Custom Compression Garments
    • Therapeutic Modalities
    • Strength Building
    • Joint Protection and Activity Modification
    • Patient Education and Custom Home Exercise Programs
    • Neuromuscular Re-education and Biofeedback
    • Injury Prevention
    • Timely Physician Progress Notes